Are you looking to buy a Campervan or Used Camper we show you what to look for and how your Camper should be built. We take a look at the LPG Gas System and how your Leisure Battery or Batteries should be fixed and Rock N Roll Bed. Looking to Sell Your Motorhome – We Buy all types of Motorhomes and Campervans.

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We Buy Campers
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22 thoughts on “BUYING A CAMPERVAN ? How To & Tips

  1. Interesting, so would would buy a van as a trade in from a small company if they could provide all the certificates and even construction photos of the process? And if yes would you sell it or would be be passing in on to a specialist trader ?

  2. Fab info i wouldnt have thought to check as u see many have gas bottle bbq,s outside ? Also the encased battery strapped in and not moving

  3. I used to be on a self build campervan page on FB, the amount of people that used to claim there were no has regulations and you could do whatever you want shocked me, as a qualified electrician the misinformation on some YouTube videos was downright dangerous!!

  4. Yes you have to be careful with camper vans or any vans. I recently bought a Caravan, sold at full market value from a reputable dealer. To cut a long story short, it was a cat c write off after a fire, sold by the dealer at full market value to me. I was given the wrong vin number but when I got the correct one from the window, I got it cris checked. I found out that it had been involved in a fire, re – bought from the insurance company, restored and resold by a repairer. I was not told it’s history by the dealer. Moral of the story, don’t trust anyone, do your own checks, small company camper van builds can be as good or even much better than say a california etc, particularly in design to suit your personal requirements and save you thousands along the way. I will say it again don’t trust anyone ! I got all my money back, you may not ? I own a small company built camper van as well, it was built exactly to my taste and requirements and has all the safety points done to a certificated gas safe standard. I am very pleased with it and have done about 15 trips in it since last year and saved thousands along the way but I did my checks during the build process. It is unfair to tarnish all small company builds with the same brush. From my caravan story, I could say don’t trust any dealer ? but I don’t. There is good and bad in all walks of life.

  5. Fantastic informative video, well done, I’ve definitely learnt something watching this.πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

  6. Great advice. Not your fault but alot of the reason behind self builds is due to the extortionate price of legitimate built campers.

  7. Maybe you guys should do a review of nate Murphys van conversion book and point out the issues with it

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