Autosleeper Mezan Motorhome a Two Berth Compact Small Micro Camper Van perfect for all your Camper needs. We have a look at the Auto Sleeper Peugeot and show you around the Motorcaravan. These ever popular Micro-Campers are great for giving 1-2 people all that they need to get away. To view the Motorhome Go To – Looking to Sell Your Motorhome – We Buy all types of Motorhomes and Campervans.

We Buy Campers
What’s Up Next Cost of Buying a Used Campervan – New or Used Motorhome Layouts – Motorhome and Caravan Auction – Cost of Buying a Used Motorhome – Solar Panels for Motorhomes – And make sure you subscribe to my channel. Come say Hello Twitter Looking to Buy a Motorhome off us check out our website. Looking to Sell Your Motorhome – We Buy all types of Motorhomes and Campervans.
We Buy Campers
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25 thoughts on “Autosleeper Campervan Review – SMALL MOTORHOME !

  1. U fellas from the UK are hilarious u make it so fun to watch ❤the sense of humor good sales men as well ✌️

    1. We can’t be everyone’s cup of tea @peterah7957 but we enjoy making the videos and it’s a good way of showing people what we do!👍

    1. You’d be surprised, we are busier now than what we were after the first lockdown ended! I’d imagine most Motorhome dealers are in a similar position👍

    2. Hi Steven, yes this one is for sale still. We only released the video for this one lastnight!

  2. You can tell which side the diesel goes even if it’s not labelled just look at the display panel look at the fuel symbol it will have a arrow next to it indicating which side the filler cap is.

  3. A nice little van, you could do extened tours for weeks if you don’t mind shopping for food every few days.

  4. You say Potato I say Potaaaato You say Tomaaaato I say Tomato
    Kevin says Eberspacher (correct) Jason says Aberspacch wrong lol

    and this van £28 grand ?

    Nice little camper though…

  5. Its actually based on a Peugeot Partner (same as the Citroen Berlingo) NOT a Peugeot Boxer guys !

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